Automotive and Motorsport

Millbrook grows ADAS technology test capabilities

Millbrook is expanding its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) test facilities. Its customers, from automotive OEMs and tier-one suppliers to developers of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) technologies, are working tirelessly to develop their active safety capabilities and require more test support across all stages of their R&D process. Millbrook …

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MTS improves race-winning electric motor technology for Formula E

MTS has announced further power density improvements to its industry-leading electric motor and inverter technology for motorsport. Power density—packing more power into smaller, lighter motors—is a key component of successful racing. Leveraging experience and technology gained from developing energy recovery systems for Formula 1 racecars, MTS has developed its smallest, …

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Rohde & Schwarz helps develop electric Superbike for Isle of Man TT Zero race

Rohde & Schwarz has helped the University of Nottingham develop their electric Superbike which took second place in the SES TT Zero race at the Isle of Man TT this summer. The University of Nottingham achieved its highest ever placing at the event, splitting the two factory Mugen bikes, an …

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